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My College Dollars  Through collaboration with MTV and College Board, this new app takes advantage of the world’s largest social media platform to meet students where they already spend a lot of time (Facebook). The app helps students connect with information, guidance and tools that will enable them to make smart decisions about paying for college. The app utilizes facebook profiles already in place for teens and connects them with scholarship opportunities as well as financial aid opportunities for those who are registered.

Fastweb is easy and free.  Create an account to get matched to scholarships.  There are personalized scholarship matches for all student types.  Also explore thousands of colleges matched to you and learn about financial aid.

Financial Aid/Scholarships:

The term "financial aid" may actually mean more than you think.  There are many different kinds of financial aid including scholarships, grants, loans and work study.  Some financial aid comes from the government, while some comes from private sources.  Some is given to students who have need, while some goes to students who have academic or athletic talent.  The best source of financial aid will be the college or university you choose to attend.  Students who apply and are accepted for financial aid will eventually receive offers from potential colleges that may include a combination of the various kinds of financial aid listed above.  In addition to the typical financial aid offers, colleges also offer tuition installment plans.


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