Career Resources

Four County Career Center

Four County Career Center offers vocational and technical training in over 20 skilled trade programs from mechanical to computer and health related fields.  Interested students must have 6.5 credits earned after 3 high school semesters in order to apply and have earned 8 credits after a four semester transcript of which 5 must be core credits in order to attend Four County as a junior and senior.  Several programs have minimum requirements for math/science grades and GPA admittance.  Visit the Four County link to learn more about the school or talk with your guidance counselor.


Interested in a job in Skilled Trades?

Not everyone wants to go on to school full time immediately after high school.  Many skilled trades occupations offer apprenticeship programs where you learn a trade as you work and attend classes.  Generally, you must be 18 and have a high school diploma to begin such apprenticeships.  These areas are not necessarily easy, and some even require chemistry and physics in high school!  They are in high demand right now, and Toledo has a training center for these high-paying important jobs. Please view the Mechanical Contractor Association PowerPoint Presentation for more information.

Ohio Means Jobs This website is used to create and store resumes, discover career interests, learn about the different colleges in the nation, and serve as place to find jobs in the future. Follow the K-12 Students icon and build a backpack.



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