Athletic Parent Forms

These are important parent forms necessary to inform both child and guardian(s).  Several of these forms are vital towards eligibility.  The emergency medical form, physical form and concussion information/sign-off form MUST be turned in to the head coach or athletic director prior to their first scheduled practice of the school year or your child will not be allowed to practice until they have done so. The participation fee form and OHSAA preseason video sign-off form must be signed and returned before the first regular season athletic contest or your child will be denied participation in contests until they have done so.

As outlined by the Ohio High School Athletic Association, each student planning to participate in any sport must obtain a physical prior to becoming a member of that sports team. The physical is valid for all sports for one year. For the 2017-2018 school year all student athletes and their parent(s) should use Privit Profile to complete the OHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation forms online. You may go to the and fill out the forms online or download the form below.

Physical Form

This information sheet, from the Ohio Department of Health, is provided to assist you and your child in recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion.  Once you and your child have read this information, you must sign the last page and return to your head coach or the Athletic Director.

You must read through this information and sign-off before you can fully fill out page 6 of the 2013-2014 physical form.

Concussion Information & Sign-Off Sheet

This is the participation fee form/policy for high school and junior high co-curricular and extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics.  Please submit these completed forms to the high school or middle school offices.  If, during the summer, either of these offices are closed you can submit your form to the office of the superintendent.

Participation Fee Form

This form allows district residents the opportunity to buy season or all-sport passes for both students and adults.  These completed forms are to be submitted to the high school office.  It would really help the high school office if you would pre-order your passes by mailing them in so they can have them ready for pickup or mail back to you.

Athletic Pass Order Form 2016-2017

The Ohio High School Athletic Association has mandated that all student-athletes and their parents/guardians be provided several important pieces of information before their first regular season contest of the school year (2016-2017).  This information can be found in a short, 16-minute video provided by the OHSAA.  Student-athletes and at least one parent/guardian are expected to watch this informative video and sign the student/parent sign-off form below.  There are two ways to view this mandatory preseason video.  You can view it through YouTube at which is linked on our athletics webpage under "OHSAA Preseason Parent Video" or you can contact the athletic director and request a DVD.

This form should be returned to the head coach of your sport or the athletic director before the first regular season contest.  Failure to do so could result in denied participation.

OHSAA Preseason Video Sign-Off 2016-017

Parents:  before student-athletes take the field/court, they must be eligible.  Please review this eligibility checklist.  Any unchecked boxes will likely mean your child is NOT eligible.  For questions, please contact the building principal or athletic director.

OHSAA Eligibility Checklist

The essential eligibility requirements in this publication are only a summary of some of the regulations affecting student eligibility.  Most requirements are published in the OHSAA Handbook, which is posted on the OHSAA website (  Consider this a reference guide in understanding a student-athlete's eligibility according to OHSAA bylaws. 

OHSAA Eligibility Guide