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Patrick Henry Athletic Department News/Announcements


To be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activity, a student must pay current SCHOOL FEES and all delinquent school fees from prior years by September 20th of this school year. As an alternative to paying delinquent fees in full, parents will have an opportunity to enter into an installment plan agreement with the district, which allows parents to make incremental payments of $10 per month/per child during the months of September – May to reduce prior years’ outstanding fees. However, payment of the current year’s fees is required.

Athletic Handbook

2016-2017 Patrick Henry Athletic Policy

This handbook has been prepared with the intention of being a reference guide for the rules and regulations now in effect concerning the athletic policies and procedures of the Patrick Henry Local Schools.  It is our sincere hope that this handbook will enable you better to understand the policies and procedures established by the Patrick Henry Board of Education.

As an integral factor in the total educational program, the athletic program must be clearly defined.  It is our intention that this handbook regulates the necessary procedures and responsibilities that staff and students must follow.  In order to carry out his/her professional duties successfully, a coach/advisor must enforce these policies.  It will not only aid in making their tasks less burdensome, but it will lend consistency and uniformity to the athletic program.

NWOAL Scholar Athletes

NWOAL Scholar-Athletes are selected three times a year (fall, winter, spring).  The criteria to be an NWOAL scholar-athletes are as follows:

  1. 1.Must be a senior
  2. 2.Must have earned a letter in that sport season
  3. 3.Must have a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average after six semesters for the fall season and seven semesters for winter and spring seasons

Students will receive a bronze pin for the first time award, a silver pin for the second time award and a gold pin the the third time award.

Drug Policy

The Patrick Henry Board Of Education has approved a student athlete random drug testing policy. Student athletes in grades 9-12 will be tested randomly during the athletic seasons in which they participate. Contained in the policy is a consent form. The consent form must be signed by the student athlete and a parent/guardian in order for the student to participate in the sport season. Please view the policy, a quick FYI document and the consent form with the links below.

Drug Testing Policy-BOE Approved (July 2015)

FYI Document-Summary of Policy

Consent Form-To be filled out by student athlete and a parent/guardian