Open Enrollment - Busing to Custar

The interest level and number of open enrollment students from the Custar area increases each school year. To enable families in the Custar and Milton Center area to have their children attend PH under open enrollment, we will run a bus to Custar next school year if we have at least 10 new students that will open enroll and be picked up there. The pickup and drop off location will be the Farmers & Merchants State Bank parking lot.


Anyone from the Custar and Milton Center area that would like to open enroll for the 2018-2019 school year and have their child be picked up in Custar should contact the Superintendent’s Office at 419-274-4853 by April 30th. If we have a minimum of 10 new students by April 30th we will move forward with this plan.


This is a special timeline just to determine the interest in this new location and to allow our district to begin planning accordingly. Families currently attending under open enrollment will follow the normal timelines for re-enrolling for next school year.


Feel free to share this information with someone in the Custar and Milton Center area that you think may be interested.


Open Enrollment Flyer