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Senior Citizens' Lunch

Wednesday, January 14

PH is once again inviting district residents age 60 and over to eat lunch in the high school cafeteria during the school year with the Superintendent.  The first lunch of the 2017-2018 school year will be Thursday, September 7th at noon.  The cost is $2.00 and includes a beverage. Please come and bring a friend! 

Newspaper Articles

The High School Musical and Art show will be Thursday, April 6th through Saturday, April 8th. This year’s musical is Seussical the Musical, and it will start at 7:30 p.m. each night. There will also be a Saturday afternoon performance at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are available at the high school and at the door. Everyone is encouraged to attend the musical and take time to view the artwork of our students. It will be an enjoyable time for all.

I would like to remind parents that the Kindergarten Clinic is scheduled for April 19th and 20th. Parents planning to enroll their child in kindergarten for next school year should contact the Elementary to get the paperwork and schedule an appointment.

Congratulations to David Baden for qualifying to attend the International Science Fair as a Student Observer. David earned the honor due to his success at the Regional Science Fair that was held at Northwest State Community College on March 4th. The International Science Fair will be held in Los Angeles in May.

Each year our students participate in a variety of public service activities. Our students have been very busy in the last month getting donations for worthwhile causes. The elementary has raised almost $6,000 for Jump Rope for Heart through March. Over the last nineteen years, our elementary has raised over $127,000 for the American Heart Association.

The elementary and middle school sponsored a food drive during the month of March. All of the donated items will be used in our district’s Blessings in a Backpack program, which will benefit our own students. The United Way also participates in funding this valuable program.

The National Junior Honor Society students, along with the middle school students, raised over $2500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Northwest Ohio in the annual penny drive held at the middle school in March. Seventh and eighth grade students are also working on the Sole Hope Project. The students are collecting denim and cutting it into patterns that will ultimately be made into shoes for kids in Uganda to help fight foot-related diseases.

In other news, a recent financial audit of the Patrick Henry Local School District by the Auditor of State’s office has returned a clean audit report. Patrick Henry’s excellent record keeping has earned it the Auditor of State Award. Our district not only places great emphasis on following all laws, but also on developing sound local procedures and processes to ensure the transparency and accountability of the school’s finances. The Auditor of State Award for our treasurer’s office validates to our district residents the efficiency of the operations in the treasurer’s office.

The spring sport season is well under way for the junior high and high school students. The athletic schedules are on the athletic page of the district website, and in the annual calendar that was mailed to district residents last August. Please support our athletes.

If ever you have questions about our school district, feel free to contact me at 419-274-3015.

As the school year draws to a close, I would like to inform you of several end-of-year events. The students in the seventh grade attended Camp Palmer last week. This is an outdoor education learning experience for our middle school students. They have classes and stay very busy studying and learning while using the outdoors as their laboratory.

Tomorrow night the third and fourth grade students at Patrick Henry Elementary would like to invite you to their spring musical, “Cinderella.” This all-time favorite fairy tale takes over the stage with students playing rhyming narrators, singing villagers, friendly animals, charming royalty, energetic messengers, the haughty Stepmother and Stepsisters, the irresistible Fairy Godmother, and lovely Cinderella. The performance will begin at 7 p.m. in the Elementary/M.S. gymnasium. Grandparents are invited to join us for the afternoon production at 1 pm.

We are asking all parents to complete the Transportation Enrollment Form that was sent home last week. Complete one form for each of your children by this Friday, May 12th indicating if the child will ride the bus next school year. Additional copies of the Transportation Enrollment Form may be downloaded from the transportation page of our website. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to design safe and efficient bus routes for our students.

I would like to invite our community to attend the high school awards program on Tuesday, May 16th at 9 a.m. in the high school gymnasium. Students will be recognized for their academic successes from this past school year, and the seniors will be presented with a variety of scholarships. District residents and organizations are responsible for providing many of the local scholarships that our students receive. Everyone who contributes to these scholarships is greatly appreciated!

The last day of school will be Friday, May 26th. I would like to remind our parents that we will have a 2-hour early dismissal on this last day of school. All buildings will release at 12:58 p.m. For those parents whose children do not ride the bus, please make arrangements to have your children picked up promptly as our teachers will be in end-of-year meetings after the students are released.

As we look ahead to next school year, families that are currently attending Patrick Henry through Open Enrollment have until June 15th to return their application for next school year. Anyone new interested in having their children attend our school under Open Enrollment should complete the application form on our website and submit it to the Superintendent’s Office no later than July 31st.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to attend our high school graduation that will take place on Sunday, May 28th in the high school gymnasium at 2:00 p.m. Please mark your calendars.

If ever you have questions about our school district, feel free to contact me at 419-274-3015.

WTOL Channel 11 of Toledo recently contacted Patrick Henry Schools regarding the various safety drills that our school performs.  Channel 11 had done a records request of the State Fire Marshall’s office, and discovered that our district’s report stood out in a positive manner.  The reporter informed us that they would like to speak with our administration about our approach to safety drills.  Elementary Principal Bryan Hieber represented our school district in the interview sharing the importance we place on drills, and the degree of planning that goes into the drills each year to ensure the safety of our students.  Tonight the interview will be aired during the 6:00 p.m. news on WTOL Channel 11.  I would encourage everyone to watch the program.   

In other news, the high school will be hosting a meeting on Tuesday, February 28th regarding the new graduation requirements for the class of 2018 and beyond.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the high school cafeteria.  All parents and students are encouraged to attend.

Next, I would like to provide an update on the status of the Deshler and Malinta-Grelton elementary buildings.  The asbestos abatements of both buildings have been completed.  Our district is currently advertising for sealed bids for the demolition of both elementary buildings.  The bids will be accepted through March 15th and the successful bidder may proceed with the demolition beginning April 3rd.

I would like to remind parents that Kindergarten Clinic is scheduled for April 19th and 20th.  Anyone planning to enroll his or her child in kindergarten for next school year should contact the Elementary to schedule an appointment.

Screening has started for parents interested in having their child attend preschool next school year.  The next opportunity is March 27th at Holgate United Methodist Church from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Anyone interested in having their child screened should call Help Me Grow-Northwest Ohio at 1-888-648-8732 to schedule an appointment.  Screenings are free for children three to five years old who live in Henry County. Screenings share how your child is developing when compared to his/her peers of the same age.

Patrick Henry residents age 60 and over are invited to attend lunch with the superintendent on Thursday, March 2nd at noon in the high school cafeteria.  The cost is $2.00 and includes a beverage.  Please plan to attend and bring a friend!

If ever you have questions about our school district, feel free to contact me at 419-274-3015.


January is school board member appreciation month.  At Patrick Henry, our board members are performing their duties with an emphasis on what is best for the children they serve.  I would like to recognize school board members Eric Bostelman, Sara Dishong, Mike Knueven, Kris Kryder and Konnie Meyer for their dedication and commitment to our school district.  Your service is greatly appreciated!

Kindergarten clinic and preschool screenings are approaching.  I want to inform our residents about a new kindergarten opportunity that we will start this fall called Early 5 Kindergarten.  One of our four kindergarten sections will become the Early 5 class.  The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for the younger five-year-old students that are not quite ready for kindergarten to start school.  The students would then attend the traditional kindergarten class the following year.  To enable more students to participate in this Early 5 Kindergarten program, our district is going to move the date back by which students must turn five to enter kindergarten.  The new deadline to turn five will be September 30th.

Our vision is that the Early 5 program will provide increased educational opportunities for our students, and better prepare them for the traditional kindergarten class the following year.  We anticipate that the Early 5 program will attract students that would typically be going to preschool.  Our hope is that these students will attend our Early 5 program, thus opening slots in the preschool program for additional students.  If anyone has questions about the new Early 5 Kindergarten program, please contact our elementary principal.

Anyone with a child that will be attending kindergarten, or considering attending kindergarten during the 2017-2018 school year, should stop in at the Patrick Henry Elementary office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. during the months of January and February to pick up a registration packet.  You will need to fill out the registration packet and return it to the elementary school.  Once the registration packet is returned, you will be able to schedule a time for the kindergarten clinic, which will be held Wednesday, April 19th and Thursday, April 20th.  The following information is needed:

  1. Child’s immunization (shot) record.
  2. Certified copy of the child’s birth certificate (the birth record from the hospital is not acceptable).  You may obtain a copy from the health department in the county and state where the child was born.
  3. Custody papers, if applicable
  4. Copy of a physical completed after August 1, 2016, if available.

Preschool screening dates have been set for parents interested in having his or her child attend preschool next school year.  The screenings will be February 27th at Crossroads Church in Napoleon from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and March 27th at  the Holgate United Methodist Church from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Anyone interested in having his or her child screened should call Help Me Grow-Northwest Ohio at 1-888-648-8732 to schedule an appointment.  Screenings are free for children three to five years old that live in Henry County.  The screenings are designed to inform you how your child is developing when compared to his/her peers of the same age.  Children are checked in the following areas:  vision and hearing, speech and language skills, small and large muscle movement, personal-social emotional development, and problem solving abilities.

Feel free to share this preschool information with anyone in the community that has a child meeting the appropriate age range.  Please remember that the preschool for students with disabilities housed at Patrick Henry is managed by the Northwest Ohio Educational Center and all screening questions need to be directed to Help Me Grow-Northwest Ohio at the number provided above.

If ever you have questions about our school district, feel free to contact me at 419-274-3015.

Election day is next week and that means there will be levies for taxpayers to be voting on.   Today’s article will discuss school levies and the financial standing of our school district.  First I will say that we are not on the ballot this year.  I would also like to mention that school finance can be very confusing, so the information presented will be in layman’s terms.

There are various types of school levies.  The most common are general levies, Emergency levies, Bond levies, Permanent Improvement levies, and School Income Tax levies.  The rules for each of these levy types vary, such as how the amounts of the levies are calculated and how the school district can spend the money they receive.

The length of these school levies can either be limited or continuous.  A “limited” levy is for a set amount of time, for example three to five years.  “Continuous” levies run indefinitely.  The last new operating levy our residents passed was in 2012 and it is a limited levy that needs to be renewed every three years.  This levy was renewed in 2015 and will expire at the end of 2018, so we have at least a year before we would attempt to renew the levy.  All of our other levies are continuous levies.  We greatly appreciate our residents support for the continuous levies.

When you are investing your own personal money, a wise financial strategy is to diversify your investments.  That is exactly what our school district has done regarding our revenue stream.  We are utilizing all five of the levy types that were mentioned above. 

Due to the levy diversification, along with prudent financial practices and a healthy economy, the 5-year forecast that our school board approved at their October meeting shows a $6 million cash balance as of June 30, 2021.  It looks very favorable that if our voters continue to renew the 3-year levy that was passed originally in 2012, that this levy will last for at least 10 years.

As a matter of fact, our district’s strong financial standing resulted in our school letting a 2.45 mill operating levy expire in December of 2015, just like we promised during the levy campaign for the building project.  While the levy wasn’t providing significant revenue for our district, we value and respect all sources of income.  It’s not very often that school districts let operating levies expire, but because of our financial stability we were able to do this.

I would like to let you know that that Ohio Department of Education has every school district’s 5-year forecast on their website.  To view a district’s forecast, go to the Ohio Department of Education’s website, type “five year forecast” in the search bar, and you will find a link to all the forecasts.

If ever you have questions about the building project or our school district, feel free to contact me at 419-274-3015.



Educating students is our top priority at Patrick Henry.  However, over the last two years we have also focused on improving our facilities.  The third phase of our construction is nearing completion and I would like to highlight where we are in this process.  The auxiliary gymnasium, which is located just south of our athletic building, is finished.  We will begin using it this week.  This building was constructed because we determined that based on the number of athletic teams we field, our district needed more than two gymnasiums.  We have experienced an increase in participation in basketball and volleyball, which has allowed us to field freshman boys’ and girls’ basketball, and freshman volleyball teams.  Previously, the junior high boys’ and girls’ basketball teams were practicing at the Deshler building, so we needed a new space for them.  The auxiliary gym will be used by the baseball and softball teams at the beginning of their seasons when the weather is not conducive to outside practices.  Physical education classes have the option of using this gym also.

The addition to the back of the high school is for the most part finished, and we are waiting on final approval from the county inspector’s office.  During the inspection of the addition the county inspector’s office had noted a few items that they wanted done before they would issue the Certificate of Occupancy, which is the document we need before we have full possession of the extra space.  The requested changes are in progress and we should be using that space in the near future.

Following the content auctions at the Deshler and Malinta buildings, the next step was to have the asbestos removed.  The asbestos abatement of the Malinta building was finished at the end of November.  Bids for the asbestos abatement of the Deshler building have been received and a recommendation has been made to the school board about offering a contract for those services.  The abatement should be completed no later than May.  The final step in the process will be to solicit bids for the demolition of both elementary buildings.

There are still a few planned projects that need to be completed.  We accepted bids this past summer to finish the insulation and brick replacement on the high school.  Right after school lets out next summer that project will proceed, which will replace the brick on the inside of the “U” of the classrooms and library, and the backside of the high school from the vocational agriculture lab to the cafeteria.  There will also be a new awning erected at the back entrance of the high school.

Additional parking will be added to the west of the new elementary wing this spring.  The lower than expected bids on the classroom portion of our building project not only allowed us to move forward with the brick replacement project, but it is also allowing us to increase parking at our campus. 

When everything mentioned above is completed we should be very close to expending the money that was borrowed to make all of our additions and renovations.  Renovating the restrooms in the athletic building is a very high priority on our list of renovations.  In the spring we will have a better idea of our ability to move forward on that project.

If ever you have questions about the building project or our school district, feel free to contact me at 419-274-3015.


It is exciting to see the progress the district is making.   A few years ago we were envisioning what the future school campus would look like.  While we are still a work in progress, today we are beginning to enjoy the fruits of those plans.  

The construction process is advancing well.  We were able to start the school year with new elementary and 7th/8th grade classrooms along with a fully renovated high school office.  The front entrance to the high school is very close to completion, as is the new brick on the front of the building and the east end.  Prior to replacing the brick on the high school we have put on insulation as none was used when the building was constructed.  The additions to the cafeteria, kitchen and music room are nearing completion.  It is hoped that those spaces will be in use before the end of October.  The auxiliary gym is currently on target to be completed by November.

In addition to the construction projects, we have other changes in our district.  Being at one location, we decided to have one district phone number (419-274-3015) and Fax number (419-274-1641).  We are also in the process of designing a new website.  It is currently being developed and will be going live in the near future.  The website will remain

We have new road signs at the corners of State Route 281 and County Road 7, State Route 65 and County Road E, and at the intersection of State Route 109 and State Route 18.  The new signs reference Patrick Henry Local Schools instead of Patrick Henry High School.  The county has even put in a flashing sign on County Road 7 just north of the school campus to remind drivers to slow down.  Our appreciation goes out to the county engineer’s office for their helpful working relationship in getting the signs changed.

Our district is actively using social media to keep residents informed of school activities.  There is a link on the left side of the district homepage with information about our various accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Remind.  I highly recommend that every parent subscribe to the Remind Text Alert system for the building their child attends.  Remind is not only the primary source of communication, but it is also the quickest method of receiving information.

The public is invited to attend the contents auctions for the elementary buildings.  The Deshler building contents auction will be Saturday, October 15th, and the Malinta-Grelton building contents auction will be Saturday, October 22nd.  Both auctions will begin at 10:00 a.m.

The music department will be hosting a Middle School/High School Choir Concert on Monday, October 24th at 7:00 p.m. and a Middle School/High School Band Concert on Tuesday, October 25th at 7:00 p.m.  Both concerts will be in the high school gymnasium.  The public is encouraged to attend.

If ever you have questions about the building project or our school district, feel free to contact me at 419-274-3015.

Welcome to the new school year!  While the beginning of school always brings excitement, this year is even more exciting due to our construction project, which has brought everyone to one campus.  Our elementary students and the 7th and 8th graders have new classrooms.  In addition, the high school office has been renovated.  There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding our changes and I am really looking forward to this school year.

We still have some construction projects in process.  This includes the remodeling of the front entrance to the high school, the building of a new auxiliary gym, new insulation and brick on the high school, and an expansion to the back of the high school that will add space to the cafeteria, kitchen and music room.  I encourage our district residents to have patience and to remember that the final product will be well worth the short-term inconveniences.

I want to express my gratitude to all of our employees for their tolerance and understanding as we have progressed through our building project.  Everyone was affected by these changes and I really appreciate the cooperation.  I would especially like to recognize Mr. Meyer, our Buildings & Grounds Supervisor, our custodial staff and all the extra summer workers we hired.  They had a huge task of not only moving all the equipment and supplies from Deshler and Malinta to the school campus, but they also managed to clean our buildings during a messy construction project.

With all of our students on one campus there is increased traffic.  To ensure our campus remains safe and orderly, a change was made to the traffic pattern.  After one week of school I would like to commend our residents for their cooperation with this new traffic procedure.  It is working very well.  We have a link on the district website that has a map of the traffic pattern and written directions for those that would still like to review it.

There are several new staff members that I would like to introduce:  Intervention Specialists Hannah Couch, Amanda Seedorf and Nicole Schroeder; High School Social Studies Teacher & Athletic Director Ben George; Director of Student Services Dr. Margaret Brennan Krueger; Treasurer Breanna Snyder; Bus Driver Stacy Brent and School Counselor Anita Hieber.  We are very excited about these new employees and welcome them to Patrick Henry.

Finally, I would like to highlight a couple of upcoming events.  The Hall of History Committee will be hosting a special viewing on Sunday, September 11th from 1- 4 p.m.  The Hall of History is located in the new 7th & 8th grade wing.  There will be refreshments, plenty of seating, and the building is handicap accessible.  Attendees should park in front of the high school and enter at the new 7th & 8th grade wing.

Our district will have an open house on Friday, September 16th for the public to tour our school facilities.  The Open House will be from 1-6 p.m.  There will not be school for students that day due to teacher professional development.  The football team plays Liberty Center that night and the Hamler Men’s Club will be hosting a bar-b-que before the game in the parking lot.  I encourage you to come out and tour the school, see the Hall of History, eat dinner at the bar-b-que and watch an exciting football game!

If ever you have questions about the building project or our school district, feel free to contact me at 419-274-3015.



The Mission of Patrick Henry Local Schools is to create the best possible educational environment which prepares students to become life-long learners and productive citizens in the global community through a diverse curriculum, effective teaching, and positive community support.

As required by law, parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student's classroom teachers.

Patrick Henry Schools are an equal opportunity provider and employer.

The Board of Education is committed to providing a safe, positive, productive, and nurturing educational environment for all of its students. Harassment, intimidation, or bullying toward a student, whether by other students, staff, or third parties is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. 

State law now requires districts to report incidents of bullying semi-annually on our website.  A copy of Board Policy 5517.01 - Bullying and Other Forms of Aggressive Behavior may be found in the district’s board policy by clicking here. 

Reported Bullying Incidents--Second Semester 2016-2017
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Middle School - 4
Elementary - 4