Welcome to Guidance & Counseling at PHHS!

Mr. West and Mrs. Hieber

Mr. West- Grades 10,11 and 12

Mrs. Hieber- Grades 7, 8 and 9

This website is designed to keep students and parents aware of guidance/counseling information and important dates, and to provide additional resources to students as well as parents. We encourage both students and parents to contact the guidance department at any time during the school year. Links provided throughout this website are simply for your convenience and informational purposes; they do not constitute or imply endorsement of these sites. Please feel free to browse around and take full advantage of the resources available to you, and be sure to check back in often as this site is constantly being updated.

***The Credit Recovery Platform looks different, use your same log in and password

GradPoint Credit Recovery Web site Login--Click on the link to login to your credit recovery account.  The principal will provide you with a username and password on an as needed basis. Be sure to know your course deadline!

SUCCESS Website- OGT Preparation (PHHS Students)

Here is the current Course Registration Manual. 

Attached:   Course Registration Manual


Remember that all passwords are Patriots1!  for current high school students. You may change them after graduation.

Attached here is the Student Success Plan worksheet as outlined by O.D.E. 

To access the Patrick Henry student/parent PowerSchool Account, click the PowerSchool link under Students or Parents in the menu. Knowing grades helps students be aware of where there is room for improvement. Frequent grade checks by parents and students are encouraged and help to prevent failures and the need for credit recovery. PowerSchool is full of many other features that we are learning to utilize. Keep your PowerSchool profile information current and check back often.

Please note these forms are due to next year's guidance counselor before April 1st.

This is the link for the PH CCP Intent Form and Guidance Form. 

The following PHHS classes are available for CCP credit in-house: Honors Government, Honors Senior English, Algebra III, Pre-Cal, Calculus, Calculus II, Computer Programming I/II, Accounting I/II

Scholarships will be updated and listed here as received by the guidance department. Most of them will start in the month of January. In the meantime, seniors have been advised about the website www.fastweb.com in order to start a personal search. Seniors have also been advised on how to locate scholarships using their Ohio Means Jobs account.

Scholarship Downloads and Files may not be able to be read in a text to speech reader. In many cases we are mailed documents that are scanned, which isn't converted to text.

Kevin R. Schwiebert- Community Service above and beyond school work.  Due: March 30, 2018     Application (not text readable)

United Way-Greg Hammer Memorial Scholarship-Community service. Due: March 2, 2018      Application (not text readable)

Malinta Festival Book Scholarship- Must reside in Monroe Township- Due April 13, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Henry County Chamber of Commerce-Scholastic, Leadership & Service -Due March 30, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Darwin Hemenway-Marine Corps-Due April 30    Application (not text readable)

Deshler Lions Club   3.0 GPA Due April 1   Application (not text readable)

Benton Ridge Telephone Company-Due March 1    Application (not text readable)

Anthony D. Rollins Memorial- Due April 1  Application (not text readable)

PHHS Class of 1975- Due April 1  Application (not text readable)

Dr. Thomas F. Betts Memorial- Due April 1  Application (not text readable)

Rex and Kaye Lingruen Commitment to Athletic-Due April 6 - Application (not text readable)   Page 2 of Application     Page 3 of application

Henry-Wood Sportsman Alliance- Due April 1  Application (not text readable)

Wood County Republican Women's Club Due March 9  Application (not text readable)

Julie Kane & Jacob Johnson Memorial- Due April 2 Application (not text readable)

Filling Home Women's Guild, Moser Nursing- Due March 31 Application (not text readable)

Tricounty Rural Electric-Due February 9  Application (not text readable)

Henry County Retired Teachers Foundation-4 Scholarships available -Application (not text readable) 

Griffith Due April 6

Brubaker Due June 1

Sherman Due June 1

King Due June 1

Bavarian Haus -Due April 2   Application (not text readable)

Wood County Hospital- Due February 28   Application (not text readable)

Henry County Community Foundation- 4H Members- Due April 15   Application (not text readable)

Pay It Forward-Due March 16  Application (not text readable)

Patrick Henry Music Association- Due April 1, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Elizabeth Strow Prospective Teacher- Due April 1, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Mathew S. Collier-Due April 1, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Grand Lodge of Masons-Due Feb 23, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Mr. Richard Krauss-Due April 1, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Gamma Epsilon-Due May 1  Application (not text readable)

PHEA- Due  April 1, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Patrick Henry Community Foundation-Due March 14, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Masons Sycamore Lodge 520-Due March 20, 2018  Application (not text readable)

Current Student Request

Students grades 10-12 that need a transcript sent, need to email transcript@phpatriots.org.  In the subject line put "Transcript Request."  In the email put the location name, address and all needed information for the transcript to be sent.  You will receive a confirmation email when it is sent.  You will no longer request these transcripts through your counselor.

Alumni/Withdrawn Request

Click here to access the document that must be submitted to request a transcript.  The document can be sent back or faxed to the information at the top of the sheet.  The request may be emailed back to jrader@phpatriots.org or ksonnenberg@phpatriots.org.