Character Trait of the Month

Character Trait of the Month


Honesty: fairness and straightforwardness of facts





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Start with Hello

Start with Hello Week

Middle School students participated in the Sandy Hook Promise Start with Hello week in September. Start with Hello week focused on fighting social isolation - a growing epidemic in the US and in our schools. There are young people who suffer silently because they feel left out,  alone, or invisible. As a result, studies are showing that many pull further away from society, struggle with learning and social development, and/or choose to hurt themselves or others. Start with Hello week helped to educate students about how important it is to connect with peers, what social isolation looks like, and what steps to take to include others. 

During one of our planned, week-long activities, students could write notes on emojis to each other. Here are what some students said to their classmates:

"Be brave." 

"Be true to yourself."

"You're a good friend."

"Love your style."

"You're funny."

"Have a good day!"

"Be the best you."

"You're awesome!"


Looking Ahead: We look forward to working with Sandy Hook Promise for Say Something Week in February, 2019. The focus of Say Something Week is school safety - the prevention of violence, bullying, and self-harm. The goal is to raise awareness with our students to say something to a trusted adult when they recognize warning signs, threats, or someone who needs help.